Have you ever been so addicted to something that it consumes your every thought? For some people this is a loved one for others it is clothes. For me it’s Laguna Beach.

I joined the Laguna crew late in the game but fell instantly for the highly addictive show. Although it is completly staged and laughably awful, it is the true definition of a guilty pleasure.

That is why I’m so pumped to see that starting this past Monday MTV has started airing all three seasons twice a day. Here in Calgary it is on at 11am and 2pm, so do the time changes accordingly.

And if you’ve never watched Laguna Beach do yourself a huge favor and get caught up on this docu-drama. Depending who you ask, most will say the only two seasons to watch are the first two. But I disagree, even though the third season had a completly different cast, it also included future-cougar of the year Jessica and my future best friend Cami. Man can that girl wear a captains hat.

Laguna brought terms like “drama”, “hooking up” and “what happens in Cabo stays in Cabo” to our everyday vocabulary and I’m so thankful for it. Thank you Kristin, Kyndra, LC (Lauren from the Hills) and my personal favorite Rocky. Thanks to every other citizen of Laguna, my life is better, cause I know it’s better than yours.

Also, if anyone ever figures out what exactly is their definition of “hooking up” please let me know!

Mike Morrison