Meet Will Gadd.

He’s Canadian, from Canmore Alberta actually, and National Geographic just named him Adventurer of the Year! Who needs the Oscars, now this is an award that I can really get behind!

So what did Gadd do to be named the world’s best adventurer for the year 2014?  Oh, just paraglide through the Rocky Mountains!  He, along with his “new” travel-partner Gavin McClurg (they hadn’t met before their mind-blowing trip), took a 35 days to paraglide from the Canadian Rockies south to the U.S. border. Some days they’d fly sixty miles, others only fifteen to twenty. What am I saying “only” for, I don’t think I’ve ever even seen a paraglider before. In total, they sailed almost 650 kilometres! According to the website, sometimes the speeds they were paragliding at were so fast, the helicopter that was filming their journey, couldn’t even keep up with them! What? That’s crazy. That’s awesome. That’s thrilling! I would never do it, but good for them!

Well, never say never, it does seem amazing.  If you want to read more about his adventures, check out his blog from the road..or should I say ski.

Will is also an award-winning ice climber (yes, that’s a thing you can win an award for too). Check out his video he did with Red Bull. You’ll find yourself hanging on to your computer for dear life!

Congrats to both Will and Gavin. Your adventures are so inspiring. Here’s to everyone pushing their adventurous limits in 2015!

Mike Morrison