Anyone else want to pretend they are in University?

I can’t see you but hopefully one of you raised you hands, makes me feel a lot less creepy.

TD Canada Trust is currently running a contest called Pump It Up. Stupid name association with Jersey Shore aside, it is actually pretty cool contest and makes me jealous that I’m not still in a university like Van Wilder.

Universities across Canada are competing for 1 of 3 amazing concerts featuring Metric, OK Go and Key N Krates. And for once, schools outside of Ontario have a chance of winning. (Makes me wish the 6/49 was kinda like that too!)

The reason I’m so excited about this contest is that my alma-mater is currently winning for the Eastern Canada group! That’s right, St. Thomas University and its 2500 students have a strong hold on the number one spot and I’m going to do everything I can to make sure they stay there. And yes, I do have a University degree. Actually I have two. Surprised? Me too.

As of when I wrote this blog post, The University of Calgary is currently holding down the #1 spot for the Western region. Randomly, a school in Nunavut has the number two spot? Am I the only one who didn’t know that Nunavut had a post-secondary school? Trent has the top spot for

So if you want, you can do what I did and pretend you are university student to vote for STU. I guess you don’t have to vote for STU, but look at pretty it is. How could you not?

Sidenote: The website is super annoying. I feel like people with ADD would think that it is too much.

Mike Morrison