Even though I swore I wouldn’t do it, I ended up watching the final episode of Canadian before the Top 22 24 start performing next week.   And I actually have some favorites.  They include:
Mookie Morris (Toronto)
Sebastian Pigott (Toronto)
Oliver Pigott (Toronto)
Mitch MacDonald (Port Hood)
Earl Stevenson (Lloydminster)
Tetiana Ostapowych (Toronto)
Paul Clifford (Port Moody)
Martin Kerr (Edmonton)
Lindsay Robins (Montreal)
Lindsay Barr (Halifax-pictured)
Quick thoughts

  • I don’t want to be insensitive (for once) but didn’t it seem that every contestant had a family  member that had recently died?
  • I can’t help but wonder how they really talented folk singers are going to be able to tackle a summer full of cheesy songs.
  • How did so many of them not know the lyrics to Umbrella?  Is there a more overplayed/covered song out there?   You would think osmoses would have sunk in there some where.  I blame CBC and all their talking.
  • If I never hear Maroon 5’s “She Will Be Loved Again” it will be too soon
  • Not one person from New Brunswick or PEI.  I’ll never understand why either of these provinces that I love have been able to put in a serious contender for the Idol crown.  And yes, I’m excluding Casey LeBlanc.
  • I have no problem saying that this group is probably the most talented group of finalists I have ever seen in Idol.  Seriously crazy.
  • I hate when Ben Mulroney hauls out his french accent to announce someone’s name.
  • It’s the first time that I can remember that there are more guys than girls.  I guess the producers realize that boys always win this thing anyway.  Unless you count Melissa O’Neill…which let’s be honest, no one does.

  • Mike Morrison