It turns out that Theo Tames wasn’t the worst thing ever to come out of Canadian Idol!

Just two days ago, RCMP raided two houses in the nations capital and ended up arresting three men on the very scary charges of terrorist offenses.  Sadly one of these people wasn’t Ben Mulroney.  Instead it was a former contestant by the name of Khurram Syed Shur.  Don’t worry if you don’t remember him, it was four years ago, it was on Canadian Idol and he didn’t even make it past the judges.

But thanks to the power of Youtube, you can re-watch his audition.  Personally, based on this audition, he should have been arrested four years ago!

I think I’m just suprised that it took this long for someone on Canadian Idol to be arrested. It happens yearly on the American version.

So now that we are talking Canadian Idol. Anyone got any updates for me?  I know Melissa O’Neil is singing with God Made Me Funky. But what about the rest of them?  Kalan Porter? Eva Avila? Theo Tame?  Ryan Malcom?  Anyone?  Hello….is this thing on?

(Story via yesterday’s weirdness)

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Mike Morrison


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