>Tonight it was revealed that Brian Melo and Jaydee Bixby will face off for the increasingly unimportant title of Canadian Idol.

Before next week’s finale featuring now Idol Eva Avila and Bon Jovi, I just wanted make a public announcement on behalf of Brian Melo.

Hello everyone, My name is Brian Melo and I am bald! Although I’ll never admit because I am 25 years old and apparently still care what people think about me. That is why you will always see me wearing a hat, I know it’s not really fooling anyone, but it’s helps me to sleep at night….even though it’s usually alone. Obviously it doesn’t help that that damn Jaydee Bixby has amazing hair but you guys all know I’m going to win next week anyways. Who knows maybe I’ll show off my bald self for my CD cover.

Mike Morrison