So what are Canadians doing now that we’ve all been laid off and stuck in our freezing houses because winter simply will not end.  Seriously this season has been like According To Jim or Willard Scott. How is it still going?

But that hasn’t stopped Canadians from watching great Canadian television.  Take The Jon Dore show for example.  Wednesday’s episode on the Comedy Network was watched by 132,000 canucks.  The shows ratings helped make t
he laugh network the most speciality channel canadian or otherwise! Even more impressive is the fact that the show’s ratings are up a staggering 272% in the crucial 18-34 year old demo!

“The Comedy Network is kicking ass on Wednesday nights, thanks to THE JON DORE TELEVISION SHOW, established animated favourites and critical darling Demitri Martin,” said Michelle Daly, Director of Content, The Comedy Network. “The ratings prove that The Comedy Network continues to be Canada’s go-to channel for all things funny.”

That maybe true Michelle, but where do Canadians go for all things funny on the internet?
on a side note: comedy network, your logo is PAINFULLY out of date.  You’ve the same one since I had hair on my head.  And I went bald in high school.

Mike Morrison