The results of the Canadian Blog Awards were announced on Saturday and I’m so excited…and a little confused, to announce that I won an award for Best Culture and Literature Blog!  I’m not saying that I’m confused to act like I’m being humble, I’m confused because Bloggity doesn’t really seem like a Culture and Literature blog to me, but hey, I guess it’s what the people want, so I will gladly accept it and say thank you very, very much!

The entire awards are volunteer run and all the voting is done by anyone that has a computer, that puts the decision process completely out of my hands, so I appreciate every single person that took even a second to send a vote my way.  It’s really incredible.

If you’re looking for new blogs to discover, now is the time.  There are a ton of amazing blogs that were nominated and eventually won some pretty cool awards and now they are just waiting for you to read them.

Take a look at all the winners and nominees here. 

So, how did I celebrate?  Well, I enjoyed my favourite snack (room temperature milk and popcorn) and watched The Lord of The Rings: The Return of The King, of course!  I mean what were you really expecting? After all, I am full of culture now.

Thanks again everyone!

Mike Morrison


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