….not me.

But that’s totally okay.  Earlier this week the winners of the Canadian Blog Awards were announced and it was so awesome to see so many terrific blogs get some recognition. You know I’ve been blogging for a long time when I already feel old at these awards.

While Mike’s Bloggity Blog didn’t technically win any awards, we did pick up some pretty sweet consolation prizes.  In the Overall Blog award, we got ranked number three!  Number three in all of Canada?  Yeah, I’ll take that.

The blog was also nominated for Best Pop Culture Blog and we came in second.  Seriously, not complaining at all. I know it sounds cheesy but it is pretty cool that people took time out of playing Farmville to put in some votes for the blog.  It is definitely appreciated!

Take a look at all the winners! There really are some wonderful Canadian Blogs out there.  Thanks to the organizers for putting together another fantastic competition!

Mike Morrison


  1. I left my farm, Frontier & Aquarium to vote for your blog. Maybe they could tell I was from the lower 48 and my votes did not count?? Congrats on making it to the final and getting 2nd & 3rd. Ya know what they saw it is the nomination that counts – so you are a winner in my book. Congrats on the new job this week too.

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