It’s turning out to be a bad year for festivals.

Lilith Fair is still struggling to sell tickets and now comes word that Virgin Fest will be cancelling all of it’s Canadian summer tours!

I didn’t even know they were planning summer dates.

“We’re taking the year off” said Virgin Mobile Canada Chief Marketing Officer Nathan Rosenberg earlier this week.  Which is no doubt a relief to media, who now no longer have to type his ridiculously long job title.

I checked out the tour last year when it was in Calgary.  Despite it being extremeley lopsided (Pearl Jam one night, Billy Talent the next), it was a great event.  I also loved how so many canadian musicians were featured, even if most fans were there for the often american headliners.

So with Lilith not “fairing” well and Virgin lost, what does that leave us with?  Warped?


Mike Morrison

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  1. Interesting then that the Edmonton Folk Music Festival sold out of full event passes the first day, and all other evening tickets three days after they went on sale!

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