When it comes to delicious dishes, one might not immediately think of the food Air Canada serves. But when it comes to talking about actual restaurants, the airline’s magazine EnRoute probably does it better than anyone else. Today, the magazine announced the top ten new restaurants in Canada and their choices already have got my mouth watering!

Writer Sarah Musgrave had the enviable task of crossing the country to try some of the most amazing food Canada has to offer and was then somehow able to narrow it down to pick the country’s top new restaurants. It should be noted that Tim Hortens and McDonald’s did not make the list.

For the restaurants that did make the cut, six were from Toronto, two from Montreal and two more from Calgary. It was interesting to see places like Vancouver and Ottawa left off of the list. I would have also liked to see at least one restaurant from Atlantic Canada.

Here’s the list of the restaurants, have you been lucky enough to eat at any of them?

Edulis (Toronto)

Model Milk (Calgary)

Ursa (Toronto)

Acadia (Toronto)

Pastaga (Montreal)

Hopgood’s Foodliner (Toronto)

Grand Electric (Toronto)

Keriwa Café (Toronto)

Borgo (Calgary)

Nora Gray (Montreal)

I’ve only been to Model Milk so far and it was delicious. I remember particularly taking note of the atmosphere, which was spectacular and a lot of fun.

Congrats to all the restaurants!

Mike Morrison


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