Have I ever told you how much I love books?

No? It’s cause I don’t really. Actually, no, that’s not true. It’s not that I don’t love books, it’s that after years of reading Goosebumps before bed time, I’m prone to fall asleep almost immediately after I start reading. Plus, I’m terrified that the book will possess me and take over my life, but I think that’s a Goosebumps related problem more than anything else.

But this year, I’ve been making a consorted effort to read more than ever, and it’s been really fun to discover some really great reads. If you’re like me and you want to find a fantastic Canadian book, well the timing has never been better. CBC has just released the list of their Top 40 books for Canada Reads: True Stories.

The list, which is packed with non-fiction, biographies and memories includes iconic authors like Farley Mowat, Jane Jacobs, Wayne Johnston, Pierre Berton and Margaret MacMillan; but also up-and-comers like Iain Reid, Robyn Levy, Sarah Leavitt, Scott Chantler and Marina Nemat. There are graphic titles, biographies of Mordecai Richler, Gabrielle Roy and Jane Austen, affecting memoirs, family stories and compelling explorations of Canadian history and our relationship with the environment.

Sadly, there isn’t a single blogger on the list, but click here anyway if you want to see all the books.

Now that you’ve been given forty books to read, you can help other Canadians find the best real-life story in all the country. CBC wants you to vote for the ten favourite titles is now open through midnight Sunday, October 30.

The Top 10 will be revealed on November 1 on CBC’s Q by host Jian Ghomeshi and posted on CBC Books. Then, each of the five 2012 Canada reads panelists (to be announced in November) will choose a title from the Top 10 to defend in the battle of the books in February 2012.

Essentially, by the time this whole Canada Reads thing is over, you’ll have time to read way more than forty books. And me, well I’ll be fast asleep.

Mike Morrison