This is why I hate eating Shreddies.

Okay, I know I shouldn’t laugh. The story behind this picture isn’t funny, but the picture alone is HILARIOUS!
Apparently Keith Richard’s (above) cousin gave birth on a toilet and the baby almost drowned!!! She must have thought she had eaten some really bad OPA!, because she didn’t even know she was pregnant!!! We’ve all been there before, am I right ladies? Hello? Is this thing on?
But seriously, let’s go back to the picture. Um…what the hell? Could you imagine the photographer (Brian Donogh), being like: “So you know that toilet that your cousin gave birth on? Yeah, can you sit beside and stare down the bowl like you lost something in it? Yeah, just like that. Now touch the bowel, bowl. I mean bowl. There we go. Perfect. Got the shot”

Good times, good times.

Mike Morrison