We may be the butt of most of the jokes on South Park and How I Met Your Mother, but I think I know one network that will leave Canada alone…at least for a little while.

NBC released the first trailer today for The Firm, the TV version of the hit film, of which was originally a John Grisham best-seller.  The series, which has a lot of buzz behind it, is largely a very Canadian production.

When it premieres in January, Toronto will pretending to be Washington, D.C and the cast of bad guys will be filled by Canucks Tricia Helfer (Battlestar Gallatica) and Shaun Majumder (Every CBC comedy ever,) who try to take down legal eagle Mitch  played by Josh Lucas (The Lincoln Lawyer).  His wife is played by another Canadian Molly Parker (Deadwood).

NBC has been struggling as of late to find any shows that bring in the ratings and if the first look at The Firm is any indication, I think this might be the one to bring eyeballs back to the once monster network.  The Firm looks exciting, twisty and mysterious.  Plus, it’s kinda fun knowing that all the actors have loonies and twoonies in their pockets, eh?

The Firm premieres on January 8th.

Mike Morrison