Canada is in the gripes of the Juno effect!

Luckily for us, that doesn’t mean that tweens all over the country are  getting knocked up by Zac Efron lookalikes and talking in annoyingly pop-culturey sentences.
No, the so-called Juno effect is the sales bump that many Juno winners experience after winning the “Canadian Grammy”.  Not be confused with the Canadian Granny, which is completely different and far harder to win.
According to Nielsen Soundscan, many Canadian artists saw huge jumps in their sales after hanging out with me in Vancouver for Juno weekend.  Are they related?  Probably not.
Album sales:
  • Divine Brown (+16%)
  • Nickelback (+33%)
  • Same Roberts (+88%)
  • Serena “i like your shirt” Ryder (+18%)
  • The Stills (+126%!!!!!!)
Digital Track Sales 
  • City And Colour – “Sleeping Sickness” +230% 
  • Divine Brown – “Sunglasses” +75% 
  • Nickelback – “Something In Your Mouth” +99%
  • Sam Roberts – “Them Kids” +236% 
  • Serena Ryder – “Little Bit Of Red”  +62% 
  • Simple Plan “Your Love Is A Lie” +59% 
  •  The Stills – “Being Here” +189% 
I’ve bolded those that make my life better. You should do the same.  Random fact: Do you know that it is proven that you feel much better about your self after paying for Canadian music?  You hear that masochits?  
Oh and Dallas, I know I promised you we’d hang out, because we are besties, but I didn’t realize you were coming to Calgary so soon and now you are sold out.  NO! I didn’t say you sold out, I said your show did.  You’ll have to find some other audience member to sing horribly out of tune with you.  

Mike Morrison