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There is no better place to be during the warm summer months of Alberta than Calgary, which works out perfectly nowadays since the cost of traveling anywhere (even Okotoks) can break the banks of even the savviest of savers.

But just because there are a lot of things to do in Calgary, it doesn’t mean that they are all great or even safe. There are many activities that may seem like a good idea but are in fact Calgary’s Worst Vacation Ideas.

1. Calgary’s busting at the seams with new Casinos. At last count we were at 8pm not including the illegal ones in many of our friends basements. While it may seem like a fun idea playing “Spot The Alderman” at any of these Casinos can actually be more trouble than it’s worth. Although, when I play, I like to award myself extra points if I know what Ward the are currently “representing”.

2. Every Calgarian loves floating gently down the Elbow River. It’s a Summer Must! While you are enjoying the calming waters of the Elbow try to avoid playing “Guess the Animal Poop” as you float down beside it. It’s upsetting and will simply lead to more questions than answers.

3. Who doesn’t love riding the C-Train? It’s roomy, safe and clean. The only problem is the inappropriate one-sided phone conversations we have to endure while on our way to our favorite Park and Ride Station. Whether it is a teenage girl fighting with her boyfriend or BFF about what really happened last night, or the sketchy businessman talking about selling his stocks before next weeks crash, it’s impossible to sit there and not overhear some bit of information you shouldn’t be hearing. As you ride the rails with your family you’ll be tempted help these people out with your one-of-a-kind advice. Trust me, they don’t want to hear it. Although the funny looks they’ll give you are sometimes worth enduring the words they’ll use to describe how rude you are for listening to their “private” conversation.

Mike Morrison


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