Even if you don’t live in Calgary, by now you may have heard that this city is currently in the middle of an all out radio war!  In the past three years, more than a dozen new radio stations have joined an already crowded radio market.

Well it looks like things are about to get a whole lot more interesting!  On April 1st, Astral Media registered the domain names Virgin985.com, VirginRadio985.com, and VirginCalgary.com for use on CHR “Vibe 98.5” CIBK.  That is all fancy radio talk for, Virgin Radio is coming to Calgary!  Not only is it coming, it looks like it will be taking over for the very stagnant Vibe 98.5

As an added little twist, Vibe’s biggest compeition is also Calgary’s newest radio station, Amp 90.3  Buzz Bishop is the host of Amp’s morning show. And Buzz Bishop used to work for Virgin in Vancouver!  Did you get all that?

There is no official announcement as to the fate of Vibe 98.5, but if you ask me, it looks like we’ll finally have a Virgin…just in time for Stampede.

Mike Morrison


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