>I JUST finished my latest Breakfast Television segment and as per usual Susanne smelled great. Oh and I guess the segment went well too. Have I ever told you how much I love their coffee? I’ve actually started showing up really early and hanging out extra long, just so I can sip and enjoy. They think it’s weird.

Today’s segment was on the Must-Do Things in Calgary during the summer.
The list and links are below. If I missed some, post them in the comments and I’ll give them some love too!
I’ll hopefully have the video up by tonight.
This week’s movie is GREASE: Sing-A-Long Edition.
Upcoming movies include Coraline and 17 Again.
My two favorite things: Food and Shakespeare. Pick up a picnic basket from River Café restaurant and then watch either production of Romeo and Juliet or MidSummer Night’s Dream. The basket for two includes lots of yummies like veggies and hummus, whole fresh seasonal fruit, two sandwiches of your choice (organic chicken, house made bacon & apple salad sandwich, or grilled Portobello mushroom & roast vegetable sandwich), and a luscious dessert for only $28.00.
Starts this Friday and will basically be taking over Inglewood with over 150 performances. It runs until August 8th and includes Sunfest which is this Saturday!
Float down the Elbow River/Bow River
Some of my tips include:
-Bring yummy snacks, bring extras so you can trade with other floaters. It’s like a farmers market on the river.
-Invest the extra $10 and get a good raft, you will be thankful you did when you bum is scrapping against the floor of the river.
-Buy your rafts on Wednesday or Thursday. They are always sold out by the time Saturday rolls around.
– Go pee before, no one likes a river pee-er.
Since Calgary’s mini-golf scene is a disaster, why not try disc golf. It’s just like golf but with frisbees. There are driver frisbees, mid-range and putter frisbees! It’s a lot of fun and free after you buy the frisbees. There are a ton of courses in and around the city. Some of the locations include Baker Park, Redwood Meadows, Centemary Park, Forest Lawn and Canmore. I’ve done the Baker Park one and loved how half the fun is finding the actual course and watching people as they wonder what you are doing.

Mike Morrison