In case you don’t live in Calgary, this is a picture of Wednesday’s Calgary Sun.

Can I please just take a moment to apologize to the rest of this country?  I have no idea why does this paper continues to be so embarrassing?

Do you have to agree with James Cameron’s politics?  Absolutely not, that is what is great about North America.  But I’m getting so fed up with this paper disguising their personal attacks and playing to the lowest denominator and still calling itself a newspaper.  As a Calgarian, it is beyond frustrating.

Bloggers are constantly defending ourselves as semi-legitimate sources of information.  I’ve never called myself a journalist, yet even I don’t write childish things like the Calgary Sun continues to do.  How the heck does this paper continue to come up with such childish headlines?  Do they stand outside elementary schools and listen to what bullies call other kids?  Because that is essentially what the Calgary Sun seems to be doing.  Headlines like this are childish, immature and down right pathetic.

The only reason they get away with this is because we live in a province that is overwhelmingly conservative.  I get that.  But that doesn’t excuse the editors of the Calgary Sun to continue to be lazy and unoriginal.  Boohoo someone is attacking our oil sands, I’d rather see someone important like James Cameron and Time Magazine shed light on our province’s biggest resource, so we can learn more about it, than continue to ignore what the world has already told us is a major problem.  The entire world can’t be wrong Calgary Sun, luckily you always seem to be.

Mike Morrison


  1. Inside there was another horribly written headline, and an article that was surprisingly without bias or incendiary comments. That was almost worse. The Sun is so horribly managed that they can’t even create headlines that match the content of the article.

  2. Their “headlines” are usually juvenile and moronic. It’s a joke of a publication, and I’ve never considered it a newspaper. It’s a sensational tabloid.

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