>I don’t consider myself a genius. I got good marks in university, but that mostly because of bribery and general trickery.

I do consider myself street smart. I like to think that I’m usually ahead of the “game” and can foresee potential problematic situations.

That was until last night.

Calgary’s weather is weird. It will be beautiful and sunny 1 day, and cold and snowy that night. Yesterday was no exception. When I got home last night I knew it was supposed to snow. Being street smart like I am, I said to myself, “park you car under the trees, that way you won’t get get on your car.” Oh Michael you sly fox, you are so smart. Park your fun little car under the giant trees that are full of leaves to protect the car from the heavy snow.

This morning I awoke to this……..

That would be my grey car, I call her Sally, behind the silver accord. My car narrowly avoiding being crushed by falling trees. Oh Sally you are sexy headache.

Oh well, at least she fared better than the white truck behind me……….How I miss Hawaii.

Mike Morrison