Calgary is currently in the midst of a war.  

The battle is between three radio stations that claim they are the #1 Hit Music Station.  For those of you who don’t know, “hit music station” means: “drive you batty with the same pop-songs over and over again.”
The three radio stations at battle are Vibe 98.5, Energy 101.5 and the new Amp 90.3, which has just been on the air for over a month and says annoying things like “Lady Gaga, exclusively on Amp Radio.
Since calculating radio ratings is as sketchy taking public transportation anytime past 5pm, I decided to do a little investigating and see how much “hit” music they actually play.  Or more appropriately, how much do they overplay “hit” music. I picked the four artists that annoy me the most and checked each radio station play list.  Below is the chart of how often each artist was played over the last 24-hour period.   

Looking at the resaults you can see that Katy Perry is by far the most annoying and most played artist in Calgary right now.  

However, Amp and Energy share the title of most annoying music, by splitting the most played artists right down the line.

Shockingly, Vibe 98.5 isn’t the most annoying radio station.  Unless you factor in their morning show, because they easily take the prize for  “Most Annoying Morning Radio Personalities.” 

(side note: Why station manager Chad can’t see that Chelsea is the star of the station is still beyond me?!  Stop sticking her to afternoon traffic and in bars where she has to pretend it’s busy on a Tuesday night! She is great, plain and simple.)

Mike Morrison