The cafe, located in the C.S. Snowden Building at 11 St and 20 Ave SW, is already a gathering place for the community. We visited a few days after the grand opening and were among a dozen other patrons, picking up coffee to go or settling down for a chat with a colleague. 

The cafe is gorgeous, and CHRC’s owners took great care to preserve the best that the heritage building had to offer, restoring original flooring and making cafe tables out of reclaimed wood from the building. They also roast beans right on site, so you can see exactly how much care goes into every cup. 

CHRC specializes in small batch roasting. They roast “incredible single origin coffees with savoury tasting notes of dark chocolate, milk chocolate, nuts, smoke, caramel and toffee.” Buy their beans roasted or unroasted, or join Bubba’s Club for a monthly coffee subscription. 

The co-owners, Mike and Jamie, learned the art of coffee roasting in the outback of Alberta while they worked as wildland firefighters. Recently, they donated the proceeds of the opening day of the cafe to support those impacted by the Alberta wildfires. 

The company is all about pairing coffee with adventure and good times. Their slogan, “taste a coffee as wild as you are”, says it all. CHRC beans are meant to be enjoyed mountain-side, at a backyard BBQ or on a quiet night with friends. Check out their blog (written by the grizzly in their logo, Bubba) for tips on how to get the most out of your adventures, in town or out in the mountains.

Early in June, CHRC served as our coffee sponsor for SocialWest 2019, where we went through 120 gallons of coffee in two days. So, yeah, the coffee is that good. We highly recommend a visit to the cafe, and you should probably grab a couple pounds of beans while you’re at it.

Emma Stevens