Move over Oktoberfest, because this month is all about the first ever OctoberFeast event.

What is it? Over 20 Calgary restaurants have come together for Octoberfeast from October 1 through 15th.  For only two weeks these Calgary restaurants will have a signature OctoberFeast dish available to their patrons with proceeds going to the Calgary Food Bank. All funds raised by OctoberFeast will be used to purchase fresh food to complete our Emergency Food Hampers. The catch?  Each restaurant’s chef will get creative incorporating at least two items from the food bank’s most-needed items list.

The participating restaurants include:

Beltliner Diner
Avec Bistro
Yellow Door
Without Papers Pizza
Trolley 5
Citizen Bakery
Fine Diner
Hotel Blackfoot
Fairmont Palliser
Deerfoot Inn & Casion
Seed n Salt
Oakridge Pizza
Hyatt Regency

To see all their featured dishes, check out the Octoberfeast website!

To kick off Octoberfeast, I headed down to The Beltliner and tried their Spam Spaghetti Puttanesca. That’s right, spam. It was really delicious!  If you’re planning on heading out to eat over the next couple of weeks, be sure to check out these restaurants and celebrate Octoberfeast!

Mike Morrison