Lukas McFarlane is one happy duel citizen.

The Calgarian, who went to  Sir Winston Churchill high school, won one of the U.K’s biggest reality shows on Sunday night, beating out thousands of sweaty competitors.

The show is called Got to Dance, and it’s essentially the U.K version of So You Think You Can Dance, only with a HUGE prize.   I mean, only if you think  £250,000 ($386,715.00) is a huge prize.

MacFarlane is contemporary dancer (whatever that means) who’s only 19 years old!  He moved to the U.K in 2011 and according to and interview with Digital Spy,  he’s “a poor serving dancer.” He was announced as the winner of the show during the he live finale that took place in front of 6,000 people!

MacFarlane’s win also highlights a giant void in Canada right now. There’s no reality shows that reward talent. Unless, flirting with former football players is a talent. Sure, we finally have Big Brother and The Bachelor, but with SYTYCDC and Canadian Idol canceled and after Canada’s Got Talent floundered after one season, there’s really no where for our young talents to shine!

Lukas did have experience with reality TV in North America. He assisted Sean Cheesman on So You Think You Can Dance Canada (Season Two) and So You Think You Can Dance US (Season seven). But that doesn’t mean we should just let our young talents be shipped off to other countries to win. I also felt like dancing reality shows were necessary, because where else are dancers able to display their talent on such a huge scale!

You can see Lukas dancing in the video I posted above, but the video you really want to watch is the reaction of one very emotional U.K fan.  It was posted just hours after McFarlane was announced as the winner.  I love the internet.

Mike Morrison