Well this should come as a shock to….absolutely no one:  Blockbuster Canada has just been put under receivership.  I’m no business major, but I think that’s essentially the same thing as going bankrupt.   YIKES!

The documents went to court on Tuesday and Blockbuster Canada is now under the control of an accounting firm by the name of Grant Thronton. Stores will still be open for a while and Blockbuster is ordered to keep paying their employees.  Ever since the chain closed 5% of their stores last year, the clock has been ticking and now with these papers being filed, it looks like it might be time to finally say bye bye to Blockbuster.

I can’t imagine living in a world without video stores.  I know a lot of other people have made the switch to V.O.D and while I sometimes dabble with Netflix Canada, I still have a really good time visiting Blockbuster and usually leave with an armful of DVDs and candy.  I don’t know what it is about the candy, but at Blockbuster, it just tastes better.

Blockbuster was always such a big part of my childhood.  I remember when I was younger I would wander the aisles forever, reading the description of every movie, helping strangers pick out films and relishing in the titles of direct to dvd rentals. If I’m being honest, sometimes it felt like it was my second home.  I can distinctly remember going to the store on Christmas Day.  I had just gotten my first DVD player and my parents had no idea that you had to buy DVDs to go with it.  Luckily, Blockbuster was open on the 25th of December so me and my brothers rushed over there right away.  The two movies I bought were The Cell and The Perfect Storm, both of which are still in my collection today.

Another time, I applied to work at the Blockbuster and actually got two interviews. I almost had the job until they realized I was only fifteen years old.  This totally sucked, because to this day, I know that I would have been assitant manager in six months flat.

I’m definitely going to be sad to see Blockbuster go.  I imagine this is what it was like for our grandparents when they didn’t have a milkman anymore.

So long Blockbuster, it has been a blast.

Mike Morrison


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