I’m embarrassed.

Last week, the bowl I painted for the Empty Bowl Benefit for the Calgary Food Bank went up for sale. And since then, nothing much has happened.  Sure (and thankfully) my mom placed a low-bid, but that’s really about it.

Right now (and for the past four days) my japanese-inspired bowl has been sitting at a lowly $80.  Yikes.  That hurts.  While I understand that you may not love my bowl, isn’t someone willing to donate at least $100 to the Calgary Food Bank?  Plus, I’m including two tickets to 70s superstar Boz Scaggs!  Who?  Ask your parents, they’ll know and yes, they’ll drool.  Did someone say Mother’s Day gift? I’m desperate.

I’ve decided that at the end of the day, my bowl cannot go for less than $100.  I’m sitting so close to the bottom, it really is embarrassing, especially when it is for such an important and wonderful charity.  I’m I above buying my own bowl? Nope.  But why don’t you at least take a look, maybe gather some friends in your office and make a group donation. After-all, the bowl makes for an excellent candy dish or a place for keys.

Plus, it really doesn’t match my living room.

(And yes, they will ship anywhere in Canada!)

Bid on my bowl!

Bid on my bowl!

Bid on my bowl!

Mike Morrison