Truth:  Besides one episode by accident, I’ve actually never seen an episode of The Trailer Park Boys.  I know, how anti-Canadian of me.  And even though I’m from the maritimes, the show always just seemed to pass me by and then it eventually seemed silly to try and get on the wagon….or trailer.

Well if you’re like me and feel like you’ve always been missing out, you’re in luck.  Alliance Films just announced that Trailer Park Boys – ‘The Complete Collection’ The box art for the DVD collection alone is hilarious and for only $69.99 it might just be the super fans dream.  Details for the collection haven’t been released but I’m getting the box set includes the entire series on DVD and the two motion pictures that were released.

The collection will be out on May 17th.  What do you think?  Will you be making the trip back to Sunnyvale Trailer Park?

Mike Morrison


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