Any Trailer Park Boys fans out there? Apparently, not enough.

It is a sad week for the Halifax bar Bubble’s Mansion. The bar, which was co-owned by Mike Smith (who conveniently played Bubbles cult-hit Trailer Park Boys), was forced to close it’s doors this week due to a huge drop in business. The reason? Halifax’s crack-down on cheap drinks!
City bars used to be able to charge $1 for cheap drink nights, now Halifax has raised the minimum to $2.50! And evidently, Haligonians* simply weren’t willing to cough up the extra dough!
$2.50 for a drink!?!
God I miss living in the maritimes!
*yes, that is right. google it.

Mike Morrison


  1. >It was a bit more than just the crack-down on cheap drinks…

    That place can only hold about 200 people. With $1 or $2.50 drinks, that's still not much cash flow. And believe me, people are willing to pay $2.50 – very few bars have those prices, except at happy hours.

    So they ended up packing the place beyond capacity several times, and got called on it. They were up for review soon, much like the Toothy Moose, which is owned by the same folks.

    Rent is also completely ridiculous, and the business just wasn't able to make ends meet.

    I won't miss that bar – there are plenty of other great places to get a drink in Halifax, and other places to dance if you so desire.

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