>Thank you all for being patient.
Apparently there are a LOT of Brody Jenner fans because today was by far the biggest day ever (hit wise) in the history of Mike’s Bloggity Blog Blob! You guys are crazy for the Jenner!

Alright here is what I got:

-Brody: Very nice, super approachable (especially when you are one of 20 people in the VIP lounge) I introduced myself and he kinda pulled me aside and we got to talk for about 5 minutes. We actually didn’t really talk about the Hills, instead we talked about how crazy it was all the girls that were there for him. We talked about David Foster and what kind of musical influences that relationship had given him. We did talk about his portrayal on the show and for the most part he was pleased with how he comes off. Oh and he was SHOCKED that here in Canada we were treated to the entire season of Princes of Malibu. The Americans only got 2 episodes. Lucky them.

-Frankie (Brody’s bff): You may recognize him as the guy that made out with Lo and told Spencer to take a hike. He is basically Brody’s wing man. Very nice as well, I also got a couple of minutes with him. I immediately asked him about my favorite: Lo. He said that there will be some more stuff coming up with that in the next couple of weeks, but he also said that he never knows what they are going to show, saying that he has no control what so ever. He also mentioned that he is STILL frustrated with the Brody/Lauren situation basically repeating to me what he told Lauren, that he knows they are meant for each other.

The bad: So here is the JUICY gossip I learned this morning. Energy 101.5 held a contest to meet Brody and to go for dinner with him. So Meg Tucker (from the morning show) and the two winners went to the restaurant to meet with Brody and have some fun. Everyone was excited, well everyone except Brody….because he didn’t show up!!!! He completely stood them up, and do you know why? Because he met a girl that afternoon and well….let’s just say she decided to “Save a horse!” !!!!!! Can you believe it, he can pretty much can do “that” any time, couldn’t he have waited? The contestants were super disappointed and the radio station was pissed! That’s why my interview was shelved. Boo Brody. (But not really cause you were nice to me, so I’ll give you a half-boo)

I wonder who I’ll meet next?
Mandy Moore please.

Mike Morrison