>Remember that popular 80’s expression “Where’s the Beef?”

Yeah well it ain’t the 80’s anymore and now I’m asking “Where is the snow?”

We have officially been celebrating the winter season for three weeks now and yet we’ve barely had a sprinkle of the white stuff. This hardly seems fair since if you drive 45 minutes west, hop on a gondola and then hop off of it, you’ll find yourself surrounded by nearly 300cms of snow.

Is it really too much to ask for a nice little winter storm. 15 or maybe 20cms? 30cms max!

I’ve always been secretly terrified of global warming. But I thought I had to worried about giant waves knocking over the Calgary Tower and tornados in Alaska, no one ever mentioned that another effect of global warming is having to look at dreary brown Calgary for the next three months. This is the angle that Al Gore needs to be pushing.

Plus, if we get a great winter storm, Calgary pretty much shuts down because are one city plow has a hard time keeping up. And who wouldn’t love to spend the day inside in your pajamas, drinking hot cocoa, watching Dr. Phil (or sports) while watching the snow pile up?

As I look ahead to the 7 day forecast all I see is a sunny sky. Which would be great anytime of year, but unless that sun is bringing with it the warm, beer drinking at the Ship & Anchor days with it, I don’t want it.

So come on Old Man Stelmach….I mean Old Man Winter, I meant Old Man Winter. Bring on the snow. We’re ready for it!

Mike Morrison