You feel that in the air?

No, it’s not the cold. It’s love. And pressure. The pressure to plan the perfect Valentine’s Day date. We can all pretend it doesn’t matter, but unless you and your partner have an ironclad contract that says you two don’t care about Valentine’s Day, then you better get planning.

But what if you could find a great Valentine’s Day idea that was both romantic and adventurous? Enter Brewster’s Canada.

Unless this is your first time reading Mike’s Bloggity Blog, you know that one of my favourite things to do is to explore Alberta. And if you’ve been looking for a reason to take a mountain escape, it doesn’t get much better (or romantic) than this!

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, Brewster Travel is offering an exciting special to travellers looking to take a weekend getaway with a loved one.


The Date Night package is available for $79 per person and includes a night’s stay at the Elk & Avenue Hotel in Banff, a bottle of wine, admission to the Banff Upper Hotsprings and a two for one admission to the Banff Gondola. Read that again, cause it’s quite a deal. And it’s basically a Bachelor episode waiting to happen. A beautifully renovated hotel, wine, hot springs and the gondola. All that’s missing is Chris Harrison! Visit their site to view full details and book your room.

Screen Shot 2017-02-05 at 12.11.24 PM


If you feel like living on the edge a bit with your Valentine’s Day plans, I’ve got one of these packages to give away! Head to the comments section and tell me why your date is deserving of a romantic getaway. And no, you don’t have to have a date! You could also tell me why the person you’d take with you is deserving of a fun trip to the mountains!

Contest closes February 12th.

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Mike Morrison


  1. My partner works full time and is going through grad school. She’s so busy and hard working that she deserves tube away and then more!

  2. I’d take my wife. Our anniversary is this time of year and a romantic getaway would be just perfect. She deserves it.

  3. My wife is pregnant with our first child and she would love a quiet, relaxing, romantic getaway before the life-changing little bundle of joy arrives in mid-May! She’s going to be an incredible mom and a mountain getaway would be perfect before opportunities like this, for just the two of us, become few and far between!

    Thanks for your consideration!

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