You feel that in the air?

No, it’s not the cold. It’s love. And pressure. The pressure to plan the perfect Valentine’s Day date. We can all pretend it doesn’t matter, but unless you and your partner have an ironclad contract that says you two don’t care about Valentine’s Day, then you better get planning.

But what if you could find a great Valentine’s Day idea that was both romantic and adventurous? Enter Brewster’s Canada.

Unless this is your first time reading Mike’s Bloggity Blog, you know that one of my favourite things to do is to explore Alberta. And if you’ve been looking for a reason to take a mountain escape, it doesn’t get much better (or romantic) than this!

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, Brewster Travel is offering an exciting special to travellers looking to take a weekend getaway with a loved one.


The Date Night package is available for $79 per person and includes a night’s stay at the Elk & Avenue Hotel in Banff, a bottle of wine, admission to the Banff Upper Hotsprings and a two for one admission to the Banff Gondola. Read that again, cause it’s quite a deal. And it’s basically a Bachelor episode waiting to happen. A beautifully renovated hotel, wine, hot springs and the gondola. All that’s missing is Chris Harrison! Visit their site to view full details and book your room.

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If you feel like living on the edge a bit with your Valentine’s Day plans, I’ve got one of these packages to give away! Head to the comments section and tell me why your date is deserving of a romantic getaway. And no, you don’t have to have a date! You could also tell me why the person you’d take with you is deserving of a fun trip to the mountains!

Contest closes February 12th.

Mike Morrison


  1. I would be so thrilled to win this for my partner, Michael! He’s gone through some really tough times recently – from his dog passing away very suddenly to dealing with some health issues of his own. Despite everything, he always keeps a smile on his face and a positive outlook on life, going out of his way whenever he can to help others. He’s such a special person and he inspires me to be better and kinder every day! I’d love to whisk him away for a romantic weekend in the mountains to get his mind off of things, and spoil him the way that he deserves! Thanks for another wonderful giveaway, fingers crossed!

  2. My wife deserves this as she works so hard taking care of our family. We’ve been talking about taking quick trips to the mountains to get a bit of a break from the kids and to reconnect. This package would be awesome!

  3. I would be so grateful for the opportunity to win this package. I am a lucky man who got to marry his best friend this summer! Unfortunately though luck was not on our side for the honeymoon. We headed to New Zealand in November on a honeymoon we have been saving up for years. On our second week we visited the cute little town of Kaikoura and signed up for whale watching. While parked at a campsite in our campervan the country was hit by two major earthquakes. Our van was shaking all throughout the night due to the aftershocks. This was by far the scariest night we have spent together. The next morning we discovered that the road back to town was wiped out and access out of the city was also destroyed. We spent the next five days in survival mode, as we hitchhiker back along the beach and wait for help. We worked hard to make a really tough situation better as we supported local businesses to get back on their feet. After the five days we were finally shipped out by the New Zealand Navy. My new wife was so amazing through it all and only asked that when we finally get out, that we take a vacation to pamper ourselves. I would love to give her trip to the mountains sans earthquake to make up for that week that we lost.

  4. We’re going through some tough economic times right now and that sucks the romance out of even the strongest marriage. It would be so great to be able to have a getaway to reconnect and work on getting the romance back into our lives. We have been together for 10 years and I love him to the moon and back.

    My stress level is so high that I am having anxiety attacks and have bouts of agoraphobia – I try to hide this from the world and him but he knows that something is up.

    I read recently that being in nature is equal to or better to medications to combat mental health issues and you can’t get more natural than Banff!

    I would love to surprise my best friend, my husband with an chance to remember what dating feels like – considering we met in the Bow Valley.

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