I just finished my segment on Breakfast Television, where I talked about my favourite Canadian websites to save you money! This is the perfect time of year for you to discover these great websites.
To watch the video, click here!

There are couple of different categories like things for students, financial services, food and drink, travel. They also have a section for the most popular deals, that way you never miss on the biggest sales!
Favourite Deal: 25% off Delta hotels!
This site is blog style, so it’s probably the easiest to read out of the money saving sites. This one has been around since 2006, so they’ve amassed a huge database of marketers that send them all the deals. They also do weekly grocery store coupon reviews!
favourite deal: Buy a Nintendo DSI and get a free game!
This one specializes in Canadian coupons. Any given day, there are more than 1000 coupons They also have a special section dedicated to coupons for eco-friendly products.
favorite deal: 25% off Gap Adventures
This site combines both coupons and free stuff, I’m not sure what heaven is like, but I’m pretty sure this is it. A lot of companies will give you something free if you fill out a survey or write about the product on your facebook or blog. This site combines all this promos for you. favorite deal: free snuggie for answering a survey!
If looking through coupons is too much work, then check out this site. It’s a compilation of all the contests going on in Canada right now. The contests are divided by New Contests, Closing Contests and Popular Contests. They also separated the contests by province or by the prize, so if you are feeling greedy and want something specific, then you can find a contest for that. They also have tips section for entering contests. (Enter 100s of contests, not one contest hundreds of times or set up separate email accounts.)
favorite deal: Win a Weekend at a Winery at Niagara on The Lake.
Bonus Tip: Sometimes some of the sales only have a certain quantity. Make sure you follow these sites on Twitter, that you way you get the deals right away.

Mike Morrison


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