Here are the websites that I talked about today on Calgary’s Breakfast Television.

Making your life easier in Calgary:
Kind of like Facebook for the Calgary Biking community, but has a ton of great resources like Calgary Bike Paths, Tips for new bikers (surviving rush hour), plus links and contact information of all the places to rent and/or buy bikes in Calgary!
This is a twitter feed that updates a google map with all the places you can get free wi-fi in Calgary. I use it daily because I’m too cheap to get a plan with the internet on it.
Not only can you use google maps for directions in Calgary, The City of Calgary and Google have set it up so it will tell you how to get from Point A to Point B using Public Transporation. It includes both buses and the c-train. Makes it alot easier!
This is a live feed of all the Calgary-area blogs. Topics range from entertainment, politics, knitting, weather, photography and mommy blogs.

Mike Morrison