Canadian Idol Recap
Top 11 guys.

We have alot to talk about, so let’s get right to it.

Jaydee Bixby: We will keep this short. He played “Kalan Porter” card. Well played Jaydee, well played. I’m onto you.

Clifton Murray: Seriously, are you really singing “I’ll be”? Ugh. I’m not awknowledging this performance, only because I’ve already seen it 14 times on every other Idol. Next!

Derek Hoffman: I felt awkward during his whole performance of “Move Along” He just looked so awkward and I felt like he never actually started singing you know? I like this kid though, let’s just hope that he figures out that his bangs are just one of the things standing in his way.

Justyn Wesley: Ahh creepy band guy. I don’t like ‘em. Tonight he was quoted as saying: “performing is the most important thing musicians do.” Genius. He version of “Some Kind of Wondeful” was about as interesting as watching a blue jays game. Ugh. Also, I loved how visually bummed out he was that the judges didn’t love what he did! Did he really think they would?

Dwight D’eon: I heard someone refer to Dwight as Chris Daughtry’s ugly and fatter brother. I couldn’t agree more, but singing must run in the family cause this guy can sing. He is obviously trying to win me over by singing The Philosopher Kings now let’s just lose the chinstrap beard thing and we will be all set.

Greg Neufeld. I’m not really going to acknowledge him until/if he makes the Top 10. He was here last year and I don’t really agree that he gets to come back.

Tyler Mullendore is a good performer but why is he on Canadian Idol? You just know that he made fun of it since it’s inception, but now he is on the show. But he is a good guy from Cape Breton so I’ll give him a shot. His version of “Brown Sugar” was definitely one of the most original Idol performances I had ever seen. Speaking of seeing, he took of his sunglasses! The boy has eyes! I can finally sleep at night.

Hey Andrew Austin, Ahh who is Andy Kim? Lets keep the name dropping to those who mainstream people like me know. Thanks. Also, way to lost about 20 pounds since the Top 100. Good on yah! I really liked his performance of “Freedom” but I’m afraid Andrew you just aren’t memorable enough. Mike has spoken.

Matt Rapley said he eats music. I’m pretty sure he might eat one or two other things. Our little Canadian Ruben has one of the most powerful voices in the Top 11 guys, but singing “Isn’t she lovely?” Ugh, it’s like these guys have never watched any Idols before. In the words of Kat MacPhee “I’m over it”

Brian Melo: I feel like you should know that because you wear hats all the time everyone assumes you are bald, so you might as well just take off the that. Take it off. He also said he wanted to get everyone up off their seats tonight. Ahh Brian, I don’t know if you noticed but Idol audiences give you a standing ovation like they are going out of style. I do like your voice, but your denial of being bald is not the way to win me over.

Holy crap I thought Liam and Derek were the same person! Wow, what’s the chances that we have to Emo long banged guys on Canadian Idol? Another guy with a good voice and did you hear how smooth it is? But let’s talk about the bangs. Also, I’m sure the bangs are stylish (I wouldn’t know) but they are annoying. I keep thinking you are twitching when you get them out of your face. Please fix.

Hmm…so who is going home?

I would have to say:
-Clifton Murray for reminding us all Dawson’s Creek. And not in the good way.
Justyn Wesley: Because that is all I’m asking for Christmas.

Mike Morrison