Isn’t it interesting that on such an important religious holiday, signs of an impending apocolypse have never been more evident?

Weekend Box Office stats:

#1.Hannah Montana The Movie $ 34,000,000  
#2 Fast & Furious 28,783,000
#3 Monsters vs. Aliens 22,617,000 
#4 Observe and Report 11,140,000.
#5 Knowing 6,670,000 
I’ve always said tweens could never be trusted and I think this has become pretty clear with the face that Miley Cyrus dibocle raked in $34 million bucks in THREE days!   Coming in right behind it is F&F which in 10 days of release have made nearly $110 million!  
Sadly, Obvserve and Report only made $11 million which isn’t terrible but consider the Seth Rogan and Anna Faris duo, it’s a little disappointing.  
Perhaps the only thing more depressing than that is seeing that Knowing is still in the top 5 and declined only 19% from last weekend.  
Okay, now I’m pissed.  Who is seeing that shit ass movies.  I don’t swear a lot but these movies are SHIT ASS.  Stop seeing them!  Have you seen any of these movies?  I need to know why!  Tell me, I’m losing sleep over this insanity, I spend my nights tossing and turning wondering what the hell is wrong with people.  Please put me out of my misery and tell me!

Mike Morrison