>My mom is leaving on a three week trip to France tonight and I couldn’t be more excited. She works and she could use a wonderful vacation, lord knows that she deserves it. I put her through the ringer a lot and she is always a good sport about. I personally don’t think she remembers any of it, but she is great none the less.

Since she is probably reading this I wanted to remind her to get me a gift. It seems that every time she leaves and goes on these exotic trips, she has so much “fun” that she forgets to buy me something. That is why I’m attacking this issue head on.

I’m telling your right mother that I want a gift from france. I’ll let you decide, but my strong suggestion would be something popculturey in French. I’m thinking something Buffy or Veronica Mars related. It could be a french comic book or a mug. Something.

Have a great trip Lynn!
Bon Voyage.

Mike Morrison