Oh Blurays.

I know that someday you’ll be replaced by some microchip but for now, I love you.  I love that you make DVDs look like they are the size of VHS, I love that you are bringing back movies that I totally forgot about and I love how good you look on my TV.  While I sorta understand why some people have yet to convert themselves to Bluray, part of me loves how cool I feel every time I replace one of my older DVDs with a new Bluray.

Yes, I’m a sucker for Bluray.

So why am I blabbling on about Blurays?  Well because I kinda feel like you are missing out and from now until May 5th you can go to Future Shop and Best Buy and trade-up your DVDs and turn them into Blurays for pretty cheap.  Each DVD you bring in will get you $5 off the bluray!

Click here to see the DVDs that are eligible.

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Mike Morrison


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