Sponsored by Shaw’s BlueSky TV

With the days getting shorter, you might think I might be feeling a little blue. But I actually like shorter days, because it means I can settle in and watch some TV and not feel guilty about it.   And thanks to my Shaw BlueSky TV, there’s never a shortage of things to watch.

I’ve been using BlueSky TV since the day it came out and honestly, I’ve been finding more and more ways to use it. It’s sorta like computers. I know they can do a lot of things, it just takes me a while to figure out all the ways I want to use them for. And my BlueSky is certainly that.

The newest feature of my Bluesky TV is Netflix integration. Now, instead of having to change your cable input and finding which one of your devices has Netflix, you can simply:

Say “Netflix” into your voice remote, and the world of Orange is The New Black, House of Cards, and yes, Fuller House are yours to easily binge.

And it’s just not easier to watch Netflix, it’s easier to watch your favourite shows all in one place.

I recently heard a lot of people talking about the show The Good Place. The first season is on Netflix, and when I look at my BlueSky TV, it shows me the first season and the new episodes of the second season all at the same place. Easy as it can be!

Another awesome feature is the Voice Control. At first I was using it really just for fun and to discover movies I might not know it was on. But with the new fall TV season upon it, I’ve been find the new remote so amazing. If I see a commercial for a show I know I’d like to watch, I simply say the name of the show and hit the record button. I don’t have to find when it’s on or spend too much time running clicking through the schedule.


I’ll tell you when I miss BlueSky TV too. It’s when I go somewhere that doesn’t have it. Like a hotel or somewhere where I don’t know the stations.   When you’re at home, so sorta take for granted how easy it is to find the stations you love, because you know where they are. But as soon as you leave your TV comfort zone, you’re out in the wild of TV stations and channels.   I honestly can’t wait for the day when hotels have BlueSky TV.

After a few months, I’m still really enjoying my BlueSky TV, it’s amazing how quickly I’ve adapted to it and how it’s made watching TV just that much more fun!

Mike Morrison