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Today is known as Blue Monday.  It’s supposed to be the most depressing day of the year.  This is when our Christmas bills start coming in, people are quitting their resolutions and if you live in Canada, the weather probably sucks a lot.  So I thought this would be a good time to start a conversation about the things that we are doing right in 2011.  It’s only three weeks in, it can’t possible be that bad!

So the weirdest thing happened this week, I actually went to a gym.  Like a real gym.  With weights and everything.  Okay, I didn’t actually touch the weights, instead I did my first ever yoga class at Heaven’s Fitness. I had picked up a great yoga Drop In card on Living Social the other day and decided to put it to good use.

I guess the whole  yoga thing came from trying to be a better “me”.  While I love writing and blogging more than anything (except chips and onion dip), it can sometimes be pretty isolating in terms of being social and active.  Not that I was turning into a hermit, but let’s just say that I felt like I was becoming jealous of Mark Zuckerberg’s social skills. To be honest, this is why I decided to shave for the first time in four years.  That’s right, this bloggity has now comes with the face as smooth as a baby’s bottom.  (Grossest visual ever?)

On top of trying out this whole yoga thing, I’ve also taken pop completely out of my diet.  (Pop is soda for my three american readers.)  I’ve never smoked but I kinda think that it’s the equivalent. Quitting pop has been ridiculously difficult. This probably stems from when I was a kid and my parents would make us share a 2L bottle of pop between six Morrisons once a week.  This is also probably to blame for my need to compete for everything, but let’s save that for another day, shall we? Because we were deprived of the sugar-water as kids, every time I drink it now, it almost feels like I’m taking control of my childhood.  We all know pop is so gross for our bodies, so why do we drink it so much?

I guess what I’m looking to do is clear out things that have been bothering me.  I always asked myself why I didn’t try yoga or pilates?  Why do I enjoy pop so much?  Why am I still watching Desperate Housewives?  These are the sort of actions that made me feel like I wasn’t being the best me and now I kinda feel like I’m on my way.

So while today may be known as the most depressing day of the year, I’m choosing to use it to look forward.  If today is the shits, it can only go up right?

Mike Morrison

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