It’s the time of year that the holiday parties as a frequent the snowfall warnings. This weekend, instead of bringing wine to a house party that I knew would have a lot of kids, I wanted to try something I’ve always heard was fun: baking.

No, don’t worry, this isn’t turning into a foodie blog. Because most of the time, I have no idea what the hell any of them are talking about anyway. Nope, this is solely a Canadian entertainment blog, but I wanted to share with you a quick recipe that I

The recipe is called Ice Cream Cone Cakes.  Essentially, they are Cupcakes baked in to Ice Cream Cones.   The ingredients are no different than cupcakes, except you have to also buy the ice cream cones.  You can drink wine while you’re doing it too.  (I learned that part about baking from my mom.)

Prepare the cupcakes as normal, then nnce the batter is in the cups, you stick an ice cream cone upside down in the batter.  As the oven heats the batter, the cupcake will raise into the cone. As you can see, the first batch didn’t turn out perfect, but I learned that about halfway through the baking time, you should re-adjust the cones and re-center them.   Once they are done, you can take them out and let them cool. Then, decorate as you please.

When it comes time to transporting them, use frosting at the bottom of each of the cones to help them stick to the tray. And then have a friend home them in the car.

Seriously, guys, it’s THAT easy.

So if you’re like me and are challenged in the kitchen, but you like to eater chocolate while you’re there, this is the recipe me.

Now, excuse me as I finish off that wine.

Mike Morrison


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