Last week I hinted at doing something secret with CBC and I didn’t really want to talk about it, at least until I knew if it was actually going to happen.

Well it did happen and now I can finally tell you what’s going on.
Last week I taped my very first Podcast with CBC Radio 2! I did it to help with the launch of The Great Canadian Song Quest!
Very very cool.
You can hear it by clicking here. You can listen to the whole thing, or you can just skip to three-quarter mark when I take to the air-waves. It was a ton a fun and I hope I get asked back as the competition gets more intense and I continue to defend my choice of my couch, as the coolest place in Canada. Remember (showered) visitors are always welcome.
Make sure you check out the Great Canadian Song Quest site and nominate your favorite spots in Canada!

Mike Morrison


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