Hey Chicago, I’m bbbaaaaaaaaaaccccccck!

That’s right, I’m writing this blog post from Chicago, which has quickly become my favourite American city. The pizza!  The beer!  The skyscrapers!

So why am I here?  Well me and some other Calgary media, (that’s Shaw’s Erin Strate in the above photo), are here to go behind the scenes of Cirque Du Soleil’s OVO, which will be opening up in Calgary this September.  So today will be an insane day of exploring the big tent and eating with the cast and crew, I’ve heard their food is unbelievable.  I’ll hopefully be doing some really fun stunts too.  I’ll keep you posted!

Besides exploring Cirque, I’m also excited to be here because it’s HOT!  I just heard on Good Morning America it is the “hottest and most dangerous  day of the year.” It’s apparently the hottest day on record in Chicago in six years, and the humidity is insane! My dry, dry Calgary skin has been loving the moisture.  Being originally from the Maritimes, I’ve been missing the humidity like no ones business. So while the girls I’m with are freaking out about their hair, I couldn’t be happier!

Mike Morrison