This might come as a giant shock to you, but I’m a really bad dresser.  (You’re supposed to act surprised.)  Yes, it’s true.  If I could wear a pair of jeans and hoodie for the rest of my life, I would.  But life does not seem to be working out that way, so every now and then we’re all asked to get dressed up, especially for weddings and other special events.   Throughout my life I’ve avoided getting a proper suit because whenever I wore one, I always felt like that scene at the end of Big when Tom Hanks turns back into a little boy and the suit keeps gets bigger and bigger, as the kid gets smaller and smaller.  (Oh shoot, that was spoiler wasn’t it? Sorry about that. )

What I’m trying to say is that I’m not a suit wearing, but when I heard about the Indochino Traveling Tailorcoming to town, I was intrigued because the idea of getting a custom made suit always seemed like something Oscar nominees get and that would be cool.

The idea is a simple one, there’s pop up restaurants, so why not pop up tailors? What basically happens is that you walk in and the rest is taken care of.  You get all measured up and talk to the tailors about what kind of suit you want, do you want it to be fitted?  Or a little more casual? I said that I wanted to look like Jian Ghomeshi.  No joke.

Incoming crotch shot…..

After you get measured, you get to walk around with a stylist and start assembling the suit of your dreams.  The colour, the fabric, the buttons, the lining, pockets, vents and pleats.  I seriously had no idea that there were so many different components, I was completely overwhelmed, but in a really fun Pretty Woman sort of way.   The part that really wowed me was that you even got to customize a monogram inside your suit.  I thought about putting a hashtag or my favourite Buffy quote, but I settled on my initials.  That way, when I put down my jacket after having a few glasses of vino, it will be a little easier to find, right?

Once we picked out my completely unique to me suit, all I had to do is wait.  The suit will show up in about three weeks and it will fit perfectly.  That’s it.  It’s pretty remarkable.  One of the store’s features that I really enjoy all my measurements are saved on my account on their

The Traveling Tailor has made appearances in Vancouver, Calgary and will soon be in Seattle.  Keep your eyes peeled on their website for when they are in your neighbourhood.  Very, very cool.

Mike Morrison


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