All this week, Mike’s Bloggity Blog will be celebrating Valentine’s Day with a special series called Bloggity Dates. Every day, some of the biggest names in Canadian entertainment will be dropping by to share stories of their best, worst and most embarrassing dates. If I were you, I’d take notes to ensure you have a perfect Valentine’s Day. Just be sure to invite me to the wedding.

Degrassi’s Stefan Brogren
I was meeting someone for a date and had the worst runny nose. I headed to the washroom before she arrived and the sinks there were unisex. My date walked in, thinking that she was the first to arrive at the restaurant. Not knowing it was her, I turned around…and blew my nose right in her face. After she’d freaked out, worried she had somehow walked into the men’s washroom, she was really cool about it. She even joked throughout dinner that she’d tell me “There’s clouds,” if my nose was running to avoid any further embarrassment. So what began as horrifying actually ended up being a very sweet date.

Another, less sweet-ending date, also happened out at a restaurant.

After a few too many glasses of wine my date told me, “I’m going to call you Snake all the time!”

“Please don’t.”

“You can’t stop me…Snake.”

Needless to say I decided it was time to call it a night and end the date.

Degrassi returns to Much tonight!

Mike Morrison

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