All this week, Mike’s Bloggity Blog will be celebrating Valentine’s Day with a special series called Bloggity Dates. Every day, some of the biggest names in Canadian entertainment will be dropping by to share stories of their best, worst and most embarrassing dates. If I were you, I’d take notes to ensure you have a perfect Valentine’s Day. Just be sure to invite me to the wedding.

Degrassi’s Jessica Tyler
One of the best dates I’ve ever been on was actually a double date, and we went bowling! It was pretty funny when the girls’ team won over the boys’, lol. Afterwards, we went out for ice cream to celebrate our victory 🙂

Degrassi returns to Much on Friday!

Mike Morrison


  1. HI
    your so pretty, we are a big fan of you on degrassi!

    love, briana, brittany, sydney, karina, and caitlin from new jersey (:

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