All this week, Mike’s Bloggity Blog will be celebrating Valentine’s Day with a special series called Bloggity Dates. Every day, some of the biggest names in Canadian entertainment will be dropping by to share stories of their best, worst and most embarrassing dates. If I were you, I’d take notes to ensure you have a perfect Valentine’s Day. Just be sure to invite me to the wedding.

Danny Fernandes:
So about two years ago, I had a date on Valentine’s.. Very pretty girl and I was trying to impress her because I was really into her. I got her a huge flower arrangement and prepared this amazing dinner. She walks in my place and it’s lit up in candles.. She sits down and I serve her dinner. We are chatting and eating and I look down to see my puppy sniffing her leg, I think nothing of it.. 2 seconds later he lifts his leg and pee’s all over her feet!!! I didn’t know whether to laugh or feel bad.. So I ended up cracking up – trying to make the situation a little brighter, but she wasn’t having it. Long story short there was no happiness in this Valentine’s day.. – DANNY FERNANDES xo

Danny’s new disc,  Automatic Luv, is out now!

Mike Morrison


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