All this week, Mike’s Bloggity Blog will be celebrating Valentine’s Day with a special series called Bloggity Dates. Every day, some of the biggest names in Canadian entertainment will be dropping by to share stories of their best, worst and most embarrassing dates. If I were you, I’d take notes to ensure you have a perfect Valentine’s Day. Just be sure to invite me to the wedding.

Jake, Cast member, 1 girl 5 gays
“One Saturday night close to Valentine’s Day I took a love interest of mine to my Aunt’s house for a dinner party. We were in our second year of university, both of us were living away from home, and so I naturally thought he would appreciate a home-cooked meal. I had recently come-out to most of my extended family but a handful still didn’t know I was gay, especially my British, war-veteran grandfather. I assumed bringing a guy as my date could double as just a buddy from university.  When I got to my aunt’s house I saw my grandpa sitting in the family room. I immediately felt nervous. I walked into the house and tried my hardest to remain normal, as to not make it completely awkward for my date. As dinner commenced one of my aunt’s (unknown to her) homophobic guests (H.G.) thought it would be well received at the table if he made fun of gay male models. Little did H.G. know that there were two gay guys sitting across from him. I let the first joke slide while simultaneously turning toward my date to whisper, “that’s not going to happen again!” Unfortunately, the conversation continued and, at the end of it, H.G. looked over at us and said, “If you are ever at a fashion show make sure you watch your back!” I dropped my fork, looked H.G. in the eyes and stated with an unknown courage, “We would be ok… we are gay.” Even with all the rope in the world I don’t think H.G. could have stringed together a logical response. His facial expression was priceless. I swear I heard the sound of my grandpa choke on the food he just put in his mouth. For the remainder of the night H.G. and my grandpa spoke every little to me and my “buddy” from university. Needless to say, my Valentine’s date wasn’t so much into reconnecting with my family or with me after that awkward night.”

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