>OK, so this is kinda crazy. But the finalists for the Canadian Blog Awards were announced Tuesday (the same day as the oscars….hmmm foreshadowing perhaps!)

Anyway it turns out that I’ve made the Top 5 in several different categories. And now they are doing one more final round of voting to determine the winners! I’m kinda nervous about this because in most instances I am either going against professional writers, newspapers, tv shows or Rick Mercer. I mean really how does one go up against Rick Mercer! Yikes.

So I am asking you all for a little favor. I need you guys to go to the site and vote one last time. I timed it myself and the whole process should take no more than two minutes to vote for me in the following categories:

Best Blog (crazy!!!)
Best Blog Post
Best Celebrity/Media Blog
Best Entertainment Blog (crazier!!!)
Best Humor Blog

The website you want to go is here:

This whole contest has been so fun and I just want to thank all of you that have already taken time to vote!

It looks like 2008 is already off to a great start! Thanks again everyone!!!!!

Don’t forget you can also check out the Facebook group, which just furthers the point that I really need to do something with my free time! There’s pictures, stories and a bunch of different stuff!

Mike Morrison