When is the last time you rented a movie?  Like really, really rented a movie?

Harder than you think, eh?

For the last little while, in Canada’s major cities, you have been able rent movies from those red DVD Play boxes.   It is a great deal where you can rent any movie for about $1.79.  It was basically like a vending machine, without the chocolate bars.  Needless to say, I haven’t really been visiting a Blockbuster since this discovery. And no, I’ve never downloaded a movie either.  Still gotta pay for it, no matter how cheap it is.

Anyway, I opened my inbox this weekend to discover that Blockbuster has taken over DVD Play and those cool vending machine boxes will now be called Blockbuster Express. This seems like a great idea for a company that has been grasping at straws to keep its doors open. Essentially the service looks the exact same, but with some cooler features.  You don’t have to bring the movies back until 9pm the next day (it used to be 7pm.) Plus, you can get some movies for $1 now!

But this is where it gets a little confusing and  I might need Brett Wilson’s help to explain it.  If you can now rent Blockbuster movies for around $1, why would you ever go to the store?  I mean the only time I go now is to take advantage of their super cheap PV Bluray movies.  But now what?  I can’t help but feel bad for those movie nerds who love working in video stores?  What will become of them?  Who will they turn to?  How will they make friends?  So many questions.

So what do you think?  Will you use Blockbuster Express?  Or are you just going to wait for NetFlix to finally make its appearance in Canada in a few months?

Bold move Blockbuster, hope it works out.

Mike Morrison


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